Daily discount Offer

We, the “Cberd Taxi Services” are happy to introduce our new product and get a daily discount offer. Our research found that most of the customers either try multiple apps for discounts or bargain. To overcome such issues, we decided to offer daily flat discounts.

Daily discount offer – in detail?

Now no need to download any application or seek any coupon code because we, the Cberd Garden Taxi Services, bring a unique package. As per this plan, all passengers will get the daily flat discount which means no tension, and no fuss in bargaining.

Now the question arises how it will work? So, to make it feasible, we are offering two options: 

  1. Member-plan package – In this package, one can benefit from a monthly/yearly package where the customer will offer an extra over a daily flat discount. A passenger can use this card for travelling out of stations, local or airports.

Apart from this, if a customer takes this package, they will be allowed to share this card with their registered family members. Also, the first ride will be free upto 120 km of range. As per the member plan package, 4 members of the same family can travel.

  • Non-member plan package – This package is for one-time travellers who want a quick transfer to airports, city tours, group picnics, or travelling out of the station. However, a daily flat discount will be offered in this package also. All charges will be depended on the running km, and the discount will be given at the time of billing. 

What is the need for such plans?

We often search on the market that 99% of the customers use specific applications, search for discount coupons and share their numbers and personal details, which might be used for marketing. But here, we do not have such issues, as we are the dedicated women workforce and management. We are here to serve our ladies whether they are in a group or solo.

However, we are open to others also and ready to serve quality service and customer satisfaction. So, if you are looking for such benefits, you can easily apply for them, and don’t forget to ask for assurance-insurance during booking. 

What is assurance insurance?

Assurance-insurance is a product by Cberd Garden Taxi Services, initiated to 100% secure passengers’ safety, security and a money-back guarantee if you fail to reach the destination. But for that, the customer has to be on time for a pick-up, and this facility is only available for a ride at airports, railway stations and bus stands. 

Frequently Asked Question

How to activate the “Members Plan”?

It is very easy; you just have to give a call and submit the forms with the details of the other four members, including yourself. Then you will be registered.

Is assurance/insurance mandatory?

No, it depends on the customers.

Do we offer discounts for solo male travellers?

Yes, for the first ride upto 120 km, it is not chargeable, but you have to take the member’s plan.

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