Chandigarh to Delhi Taxi Service One Way & RoundTrip

If you are a traveller looking for a Chandigarh to Delhi taxi service, look no further, as you are at the right place. This article will help you discover the available services from Chandigarh to Delhi.

Despite the variety of travel options, people typically opt for the most cosy and practical option. Taxi service is similar to cab services, one of the most widely used modes for travelling besides railways. Prices charged by taxi drivers vary depending on the location.

If you plan to travel by air, the aerial distance between these two places is 234 km, whereas the distance if you travel by road is 251 km.

Chandigarh to Delhi one-way taxi service rates

Let us see if the Chandigarh to Delhi taxi service is available. Chandigarh is a city that serves as the administrative centre for the states of Punjab and Haryana. It is thus the connecting place between these two states. Designed by Le Corbusier, it is known for being one of the most well-planned cities in India. 

Delhi is the capital of the country, with many predominant sites, including the Supreme Court of India. Hence, it is evident that the number of travellers per day to the city is high. Generally, when taxi drivers charge you, they consider two things: firstly, the distance, and secondly, whether it is a one-way or two-way trip.

A one-way trip is when you start from Chandigarh, and the destination is Delhi. A two-way trip is when you start from Chandigarh, reach Delhi, and then return to Chandigarh. In this way, the taxi drivers ensure that they earn good profits.

There are generally high chances that a one-way trip gets cancelled or the drivers disagree as they fear their return trip will be without any passengers, thus causing loss to them. They ensure they have passengers in their vehicle to and fro from their trip. They even see that their fuel expenses are covered.

The introductory price that is charged for a one-way trip is Rs.2830. It is, however, to be noted by the readers that the prices will vary based on what they choose. The cost will change based on the distance and the time you book. Hence, the Chandigarh to Delhi taxi service costs Rs.2830.

How to book a taxi from Chandigarh to Delhi?

With the advancement of technology and the upgrade in development, you can do everything with a single click. Even in the case of transport, you have everything already prepared, from booking tickets to arranging a travel plan or itinerary.

You have two options –

  • To pre-book your taxi using online methods.
  • You can even book it then and there, which is on the spot. 

 You have many online travel sites that offer you the price beforehand, and if you are lucky enough, you might even get some offers. The following are a few of the online platforms through which you can book the Chandigarh to Delhi taxi service:

  • MakeMyTrip –you can get up to Rs.500 off using their service.
  • Goibibo – this is also one of the service providers for taxis, and the fare charged for a round trip is around Rs. 6034.
  • Hippocabs – it will cost you Rs.3350, and you can book a one-way or a return taxi.
  • Solocabs – another service provider that will cost you only Rs.2300, less than other services. 

A few choices available to the readers are mentioned above, and even online, you can find more. The readers must have understood by now that the average cost for a taxi is from Rs.2900 to Rs.5000. Depending on the service you choose, the price varies.

Chandigarh to Delhi Innova taxi fare 

Travellers can generally select the vehicle they want depending on the number of persons travelling. If travelling with a group of 6-7 people, you can select an Innova. The fare is based on kilometres.

The general price that is charged is Rs.16.5 per kilometre. Sometimes, the extra fare is charged based on the distance travelled by the passengers. You can book this online via travelling websites. The general price per kilometre starting from Chandighar is Rs 12 to 13.

Hence, we hope you found this article on the Chandigarh to Delhi taxi service helpful; please don’t forget to give us your comments.