• US-India Technology Summit
  • November 19, 2014
  • US-India Technology Summit, Round Table Conference on Joint Clean Energy Centers, 19th November 2014, Greater Noida, NCR

The CBERD Project

The main focus of the U.S.-India Joint Center for Building Energy Research and Development (CBERD) is to promote innovation in energy efficiency through collaborative research, contributing to significant reduction in energy use in both nations. CBERD will focus on the integration of information technology with building controls and physical systems for commercial/high-rise residential units.

Outcome-based R&D will result in significant energy savings by driving development of cost-effective technologies and their implementation.

Benefits and Outcomes of the Research:

Enhanced ties between U.S. and India building energy researchers and industry; integrated, proven, marketable building technologies; a public-private collaboration to identify deployment pathways; leveraged research funding; improved capabilities for both nations to leapfrog development of building technologies and markets.

CBERD Activities
  • Scientific Collaboration

  • Simulation and Modeling

  • Monitoring and Benchmarking

  • Controls and Communications Integration

  • Envelope/Passive Design

  • Advanced HVAC Technologies & Advanced Lighting Technologies

  • Comfort Studies

  • Grid Responsive Buildings

  • Renewable Integration

  • Cost Optimization of Energy Efficiency

CBERD India – US Partners
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