Rent for 2 days & Pay Half

The most exciting thing that any customer looks for is freebies or discounts, and yet again, “Cberd Cab Service” is not behind to surprise their prestigious customers.

This package and service are appreciated by our continued efforts and introduced innovative packages that favor the customers.

“Switch the Cab” and “Rent for 2 days & Pay Half” packages are the two popular packages of our Cberd Cab Service. In this article, we have described all about the packages in detail.

About the “Rent for 2 days & Pay Half” package?

If the customer chooses this option, they will get the rented cab for 2 days at the rented payment of 1 day, isn’t it amazing? We always try to launch new programs and attractive packages for travelers. This package is for those who want to rent a vehicle without a driver.

In this option, the client can choose any rented cab like SUV, sedan, hatchback, or any other four-wheeler segment (except 12-30 seater bus). Including the assurance insurance, we will also assist the customer during any breakdown. But we will advise you to click the images of the vehicle before getting the car key.

However, our team will only hand over and accept the vehicle after a complete inspection. You can contact the customer support team for other issues like vehicle breakdown car-towing.

Enjoy our Combo packages

  1. “Rent for 2 days & Pay Half” package + Orissa Tour
  2. “Rent for 2 days & Pay Half” package + Chhattisgarh Darshan
  3. “Rent for 2 days & Pay Half” package + Explore Madhya Pradesh Tour
  4. “Rent for 2 days & Pay Half” package + Orissa Tour

“Rent for 2 days & Pay Half” package + Orissa Tour

The package offers you an excellent opportunity to explore the wonderful Orissa. However, you can also take a driver with you at no extra charge. Orissa’s tour package cost depends on the traveling persons; the tour includes all major cities like Puri, Bhuvneshwar, Cuttack, and Sambalpur.

You can also alter the modifications and changes in the tour plan (only at prior notice). The tour will cover all the famous sightseen and tourist spots; the client has to bear all other expenses like food and entry tickets to museums, gardens, or parks.

However, customers can also request separate tour packages, including food and lodging. For more information, you can contact us for the complete tour.

“Rent for 2 days & Pay Half” package + Chhattisgarh Darshan

Chhattisgarh states are mainly known for their heritage culture, ancient temples, and natural beauty. Tourists worldwide visit this state to enjoy the natural beauty and the fresh aura of the mountain ranges, naturally carved caves, and world-famous waterfalls like the Chitrakoot waterfall of Jagdalpur, which is also known as the Niagara of India.

But it is limited to waterfalls and mountain ranges and semi-metro cities, and the capital city of Chhattisgarh Raipur, the second biggest and awarded best livelihood city name Bilaspur.

“Rent for 2 days & Pay Half” package + Explore Madhya Pradesh Tour

We all know that Madhya Pradesh (M.P) is known as the heart of India and one of the major tourist destinations states of India. So, why not explore it by road and not by air or train? The vibrant culture, mouth-watering meals, and historical spots will steal your heart.

You can enjoy the ride by taking our “Rent for 2 days & Pay Half” package by choosing the right rented cab—no need to worry as we provide 24×7 customer assistance and get complete information about it.

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