Get a Free Ride

What if we say you can earn a free ride? Isn’t it amazing, for the first time we would like to introduce “Get a Free Ride” package. This offer is for our premium customers however it is available on all types of membership cards like:

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly

It’s a Bonus Option for Field jobs or Public Transport Passengers. Our past experiences teach us how to offer the best service to the customers. It is believed that if you give quality service, then the customer will approach you again. As continuing our best performance, we are launching a new free-ride product for the passenger.

What is “Get a Free Ride”?

We the “Cberd Cab services” introducing this product first time in its class, as per this package if a client took three bookings, they will get 4th booking for two persons absolutely at no cost. This advantage is that it will save time and money for your fourth tour.

About the process?

As per the “Get a Free-ride,” customers have to take the package, and they will be provided a digital card that they can use eight times. This means the 4th ride (2-rides in total) will be free for a two-person journey.

After each tour, the left tour ride will be automatically updated to check it often and use it accordingly. There is no need to pay in-between because payment will be made one time only. For further details, please check out below FAQ section.

Also, we want to clear that 1 ride means 2-way, i.e., pick and drop. You can also take advantage of Getting a Free-ride for picnics, family outings, and tourists destination visits. All the rides must be informed 2 days earlier to the tour operator to book your joy ride as per your requirements.


Can I share my benefits with my family and friends?

Only 4 persons will be allowed for this package/card whose names are to be submitted at the time of payment. However, we also have a more extensive plan package to add more people.

Who can take the most benefits from the Get a Free-ride package?

We have often seen that individuals in the marketing field job profession have to travel more than average desk-job employees. So, it will be a great option for them if they try this unique package. 

How does the package work?

It works on a daily pass basis but is limited to counted rides; for those who use public transportation for daily commutation, then it’s a significant advantage for them to take a peace ride without any struggle to get a seat.

Can I increase my number of rides?

Yes, it is a flexible plan and depends upon the customers; they can go for a higher package for more rides and extra benefits.

Can I add/upgrade my existing cards?

Yes, and anytime you can add up the members and upgrade your current plan.

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