Choose Your Driver

We are happy to introduce a unique option for our customers: “Choose your driver”, which gives the freedom to choose male/female drivers. Our constant effort to offer the best packages for travellers is not only limited to discounts and offers but also safety, trust and quality services.

You can check out the daily discounts and offers by contacting the customer support executive, which is available 24×7 daily.

What is the need for the “Choose Your Driver” option?

Our market research found that most solo female travellers are looking for female drivers, especially during their night duty and during solo travelling. It doesn’t mean they feel unsafe, but it will be better with the alternate option.

The option gives you the freedom to choose your driver as per your travelling; it is only for female passengers. The best part of this package is that you can also take a solo tour package which includes food, lodging and sightseeing. There are several other packages that you would surely like to know about. 

We are also offering a daily discount offer on the “Choose your driver option, which has recently been added. Our owner researched this and found that no other taxi and cab service offers such an option for the lady customers. Other benefits of this package are:

  • Daily discount
  • Membership plan option
  • First 20 km free ride for non-membership plan
  • Driver option
  • Guide option on the tour package

Frequently Asked Question

How to opt for a lady driver?

At the time of booking, you can ask for the driver as per your requirement.

Is the option available for school/college-going students?

Yes, you can take our monthly/yearly plan for extra benefits.

Can I book a cab for the daily pick-and-drop service?

Yes, most of our customers are working individuals.

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