Car on rent

We, the “Cberd Cab Services”, are happy to introduce a unique rental service first time in Raipur, Chhattisgarh which is “Car on rent.” We provide all types of 4 wheels on rent, and a customer can take the car just by submitting details. This service is just like rented bikes available in hill cities.

This unique package will give freedom to those customers who want to drive the vehicle on their own, just like their own vehicle. We have added many additional benefits with this package which will help a customer economically.

Why the need for a “Car on Rent” package?

We have often seen that when a customer books a car, they have to route as per the given details only. The vehicle will be under the company’s driver, but in the case of our package, “Car on Rent,” give liberty to fill up the tank as per the requirements and go anywhere they want, just like their own vehicle.

2-wheelers are readily available for rent, but no taxi and cab services offer this unique facility that the “Haryana Taxi Service” is showing. The additional features or addon benefits we are offering are:

  1. Free 2 litre petrol
  2. No maintenance charges
  3. Rent now pay later
  4. Get one day free if you rent the vehicle minimum of 5 days

Benefits in description

Free 2 litre petrol

During the booking of any vehicle, you will get 2-litre petrol filled. We have multiple fleet ranges from 4/5 to 12-16 seater buses.

No maintenance charges

You will have to submit a licensed copy, one photo, and only 10% of the rent when booking a car. We do not charge any maintenance charges from the customers. In addition, you will get 24×7 customer support in case of a vehicle breakdown or any emergency.

We care for our customers, so we follow insurance-assurance facilities that assist our clients in need.

Rent now pay later

This facility is for membership registered customers, and all other benefits which come with membership will stay valid and can be encashed at the time of payment.

Get one day free if you rent the vehicle minimum of 5 days

For non-membership customers will get one day additional rent-free if they book the vehicle for a minimum of 5 days. Suppose they booked the car for 5 days, then one day will be minus at the time of the payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to submit the original document?

No, but you have to submit the address proof.

Do membership customers get a 1-day free ride offer?

The benefit of booking for 5 days and getting 1 day free is only for non-membership customers.

Do I get another vehicle if the vehicle breakdown?

Yes, after some concern, you will be provided with an alternate vehicle available.

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