Who We Are?


In order to offer the best taxi services in the city or state, CBERD Taxi Service was founded in 2010 with a small team of 7 people, including one driver. At the time of writing, our team has grown to more than 30 people, including customer service representatives, drivers (male and female), and other staff members.

We have hired a market research team in addition to providing standard taxi services to better understand the general and unique demands of our customers. We assembled a group of highly qualified individuals who regularly communicate with customers, conduct surveys, and assess customer needs.

And for that reason, we provide exclusive, untapped deals like direct flights to/from international airports, package plans for daily pick-up/drop-off services, etc. It’s a result of our clients’ generosity and love.

Extraordinary Experiences

In addition to providing direct access to international airports, we also provide trip packages for religious and wildlife excursions, as well as thrilling opportunities like winning a free ride.

There is little doubt that our clients will receive more than they bargained for. regardless of whether it’s the special packages, services, or any other aspect.

Our Core Values

As a team, we stand by our workplace culture and set of values. Because we work as a team and as a single family, we are fully committed to serving our customers. Therefore, we never give in to:

About Us

We the “Taxi World” are specially dedicated to female travellers. Even though we have a large customer base and are continuous to serve quality services to our customers. 

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